Excellion Blade
Excellion Blade
Owner Zenon (original owner)

The Excellion Blade is the saiga of Beet originally owned by Zenon. The Excellion Blade has the ability to control gravity which allows the user to move faster and jump higher. The Excellion Blade is one of the Saiga Beet has not yet mastered. Even though he can materialize it and slash enemies, it is still not complete. This is evident in his fight with Beltorze's phantom in Volumes 2 and 3 of the manga when he tries to use the "Zenon Windzard" against him, but it ends up shattering after he strikes Beltorze, showing the long way he still has left to be able to completely use the Saiga. Shagi makes a cryptic statement about Beet having "that power." This has yet to be explained. Zenon makes a similar statement himself in the first volume, when Poala's parents tell him of Beet's odd sleeping habits. Zenon's inner dialogue reveals that a Buster's strength is connected to their sleep, and ponders if Beet could have that much more power. In volume 11, Shagi's hint about Beet having a mysterious power is revealed by Cruss retelling the result of the battle between the Zenon Warriors and Beltorze 3 years ago. Zenon has the unique ability to summon forth more Divine power of light in a fashion similar to Milfa's technique where she strikes and envelopes herself with the Divine power of Lightning for melee fighting. But Zenon's ability grants him the power at the cost of his existence. It was considered so powerful and dangerous that King Gransist sealed it away, but Zenon unlocks it during his fight with Beltorze by somehow moving a tattoo of a key on his arm into his chest- the same area from where saiga are produced. He comments that this may have been the power to unleash his saiga to the next step.

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