Crown Shield
Crown Shield
Owner Cruss (original owner)

The Crown Shield is a Saiga that belonged to Cruss but later was obtained by Beet.The Crown Shield is the second saiga Beet begins to master. At first, Beet considered Crown Shield useless for attack and only served to be a defense object. After Beet's first fight with Beltorze, he remembers Cruss teaching him that he should use offense and defense with a shield. He also remembers that Cruss used his shield to heal Laio of a poison he was infected with when they fought a Vandel earlier that day. Beet uses the Crown Shield to save Poala from one of Grineed's poisonous arrows. .When Beltorze finds him he thinks that Beet would be trembling in fear. But instead Beet had an idea of defeating him, he told Beltorze that in their first fight he used too many Saiga, so instead he should just rely on one and fight aggressively with it, so Beet decides to fight with the Crown Shield, which he declares the best Saiga to use against Beltorze. To Beltorze’s surprise, Beet turns the Saiga into a spiked ball and begins to hammer him. When Beltorze tries to use his most powerful Dark Attack, the "Phantom Explosion", Beet turns the Crown Shield back into its shield form, deflecting the attack and killing the phantom Beltorze. After the fight, Beet realizes had he not interfered in the fight three years ago between Beltorze and the Zenon Warriors, Cruss would not have broken formation and they would have won.

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