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Beet (ビィト Byito) is a young boy who has always desired to be the strongest Buster. He aspires to be like his heroes, the Zenon Warriors, who are known as the strongest of all Busters. However, unbeknownst to Beet, the leader of the Zenon Warriors is his brother. When Beet was a baby, Zenon wanted Beet to stay away from the path he chose, wanting him to live a life of peace which he tried to give him. One day, Beet told his heroes he had become a Buster, they quickly told him to quit, telling him he was not fit for such a thing. Beet, however, believed that Busters are fighters for justice and continued the hard Buster life. However due to a fight with Beltorze, the "King of Tragedy", one of the strongest Vandels, the Zenon Warriors were critically hit. To make things worse, Beet showed up to the fight, trying to cheer his heroes. Beltorze saw Beet and rapidly took him as a hostage and mortally wounded him. Seeing this horror, the Zenon Warriors became distracted and were hit by Beltorze’s most powerful attack, the Phantom Explosion. Thus, after receiving such an attack, they were left at a critical state. Worst of all, Beet was about to die. To save his life, they decided to give up their lives and give Beet part of their souls which were sealed in their Saiga, the power symbol of a Buster. Beet reluctantly tries to stop this; however, he is finally told that Zenon is his brother, and in a dramatic moment, Beet sees his heroes leave to try to defeat Beltorze- even without any Divine Power or Saiga. Seeing them leave, Beet promises that he will become the strongest Buster and end the suffering Vandels cause to the world.

Thus Beet grows over three years and begins learning to handle his gift, and finds the Beet Warriors to end the Dark Century. Beet is not particularly intelligent (something to which he openly admits) but he has a good heart. He is not able to use Divine Power as most of his fellow Busters can, which sometimes makes Beet ashamed, though his amazing use of Saiga show that Beet is truly at another level. Beet also has the ability to stay awake for three days, after which he falls into an almost comatose sleep for one day. He is a reckless prodigy on the battlefield, defeating strong monsters and Vandels (just barely) relying on his Saiga, his will to complete his goal, his luck, and his friends. Many, however, believe that such luck might also show that Beet has true strength within him- something that he has not truly developed. Beet is angry that other Busters are mostly corrupt, since he believes that they must protect others at all times. He likes to help people and never asks for money in return, except the Buster reward money which is given when you defeat a Vandel or level up. Since he does not use money, he usually camps in the wilderness and eats bugs which are free- much to his teammates' dismay.

Currently, Beet has a one-star bounty on his head, although this knowledge has only been released to the seven-star vandels. These Vandels drew cards to determine the order of who gets to attempt to kill Beet. This bounty was placed on his head after he managed to kill Grineed. Beet is 15 years old.

Saiga Edit

Beet has the Saiga of the Zenon Warriors

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